Alliance of IT companies and experts in the field of digital and audiovisual technologies

Our companies often collaborated and complemented each other’s projects or worked with the same clients.

In 2022, we decided to unite and create an international company so that the accumulated experience and expertise could serve for development of projects around the world.


& partners

Vladimir Opredelenov
Expert — Digital Transformation,
IT in culture, managing partner
Yury Samoylenko
CTO, managing partner
Roman Bondarev
CMO, managing partner
Alexey Berebin
CFO, managing partner
Svetlana Bushelenkova
Expert in the field of digital
project development
Konstantin Gorshkov
ED, managing partner
Timur Matveev
Expert in  exhibitions
and expositions
Andrey Zhukov
Expert in design and creation of
interactive objects
and 300 + specialists
in the field of IT

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